2005年12月24日 星期六

Back in Taiwan

After a long 24-hour flight, we finally arrived at Taipei. We flew AA out from College Station to Tokyo, and Japan Asia from Tokyo to Taipei. I think the food and service of American flights are non comparable with Japanese flights, and the flight attendants are much cuter on the Japanese flights, too~~ I even saw a guy on the flight that looks so much like 金城武, and he sits right across the aisle from us. I told Sam that guy is so cute, and he gave me an eye….. 


Both Sam’s parents and mom and dad came to pick us up at the airport. It was really nice to meet them. They seemed like really nice people and easy to get along with. They came to our home next day for an official visit, and Sam’s brother and sister in law came too. Sam’s brother is just like what Sam described to me – he looks very much like Sam but more serious. His sister in law is really pretty, and mom keeps saying that I should dress more like her. After having lunch with them, we went straight to shop for a wedding photo place. Mom came along with us and we decided on the third shop we look at. I think I got a great deal on this photo shooting (thanks for mom), but mom is not quite satisfied with their clothes selections. She said they don’t have a whole lot but I think it was fine. We spent a whole afternoon the next day picking out my dresses. It was really fun putting on all kinds of dresses, and Sam gave me a lot of in put too~ Mom said she will go with us on the photo shooting day, and she will be the driver. I think Mom is really enjoying this wedding thing and she had a lot of input on everything. We even found our wedding ring the same day!! I was exhausted when I got home, but I had a fun day. I just hope that we will have great weather next week when we go out to take our photos. I hope I won’t be frozen to death……


I had my hair done today and now I’m a curly again. It took me more than 4 hours to get it done!!! It looks good now, and I just hope that I can keep it look this good. The girl who did my hair is really cute (Man!! There are a lot of cute girls in Taiwan!!), and she will also do my hair and makeup for my engagement!! Well, at least I know I’ll look good on that day~


2005年12月8日 星期四

Ice Storm!!

Ok, it must be me, bringing the cold weather form Chicago to Texas. I thought I was done with the cold, and we were hit by the low temperature of 25 degrees out and rain.


Low temperature with rain often means bad news, and it brought an ice storm to Texas last night. Everything was frozen this morning according to Sam, who had to get up early for his presentation to go to school, but only to find that it was postponed because of the storm. A lot of people couldn't get to school because their car just won't start. Even Sam had to came back for help when he found out that the car lock was frozen and he couldn't open the door. I taught him a little trick to use hot water to melt away the ice. I guess living in cold weather for so long did teach me a thing or two.   I actually liked having snow rather than ice. Snow is easier to brush off the cars and is beautiful in a quiet way, but trying to break through ice is tougher and not fun at all.


I was very cold in bed last night because we only have a  heater in the living room. Sam stayed up preparing his presentation so I lost my personal heater as well. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning because it was sooo cold!! If it weren't for Sam dragging me out of the blankets, I probably would have stayed in bed all day!! I just hope this cold weather will go over soon and won't be happening too often.


2005年12月7日 星期三

So cold........

Ok, I really didn't expect to say this,

but it is so cold here in Texas!!!!

I know the winter will be cooler here,

but below freezing?

I thought I'm done with that already!!

I hope this is not normal here....


It has been raining all day and this just makes it worse.

It is so cold in the bedroom cause we just have a gas heater in the living room.

At least I was warm in my old apartment back in Waukegan!!!

One interesting thing I learned though is that instead of salt,

they use "ice stone" one the road to prevent ice.

"Ice stone" are actually crushed limestone.

This is much environmental friendly that salt.

But I think it can only help where below freezing temperature happens not so often.




2005年11月29日 星期二

Journey to Texas

It seems that I have been slacking on my blog, haven’t had any entry for a while. Now that I have all this time I guess it’s time to catch up with the events that happened these pass few weeks.

I was really lucky on my moving sale, because the guy who bought my bed and my TV let me kept them till the day I was moving. The only little problem I had was with my U-Haul trailer. I reserved one at the store a week before I leave, and when I called to confirm on the Day before I leave, they told me they didn’t put me into their schedule.... That really freaked me out!!   I’ve asked for a 4x8 trailer but they didn’t have any left, so they were going to give me a 6x12 one for the same price. Then they called and told me that they couldn’t give me that one and told me to call another U-Haul place for a 5x8. Apparently every U-Haul place works independently so I couldn’t get the same price for my 4x8 for the 5x8 at this place. After some negotiation, they gave me the 5x8 for $300 which is not too bad. At least I got a trailer......

11/18 was my last day at 3D Design. Dan took all of us out to Olive Garden for my goodbye lunch. I didn’t expect that they will prepare anything, but they really surprised me with a group singing from the waiters! Dan said that the expression on my face was classic!!  Well, they really got me. I didn’t think that I will cry or anything but when I read the card they wrote, I eyes started to water. I tried so hard to hold it in, but couldn’t hold it any more when I see Sarah crying. Even Dan got water in his eyes. There were ups and downs in the 4 years I stayed in 3D Design, but this is the place where I learned everything about the Landscape business, and I will always be grateful for that.

Can't believe that I've been here a week already. It seems that I have just said goodbye to Jane and begin our long journey to Texas. I was so worry about the weather for the whole week and prayed so hard that it won’t snow the day we move. I guess god heard my prayers, and we had great weather all the way. Driving with a trailer was easier than I thought. As long as you don’t back up, there is not too much to it. Sam said after this experience, he really admires truck drivers now. It is not an easy job to drive long hours with a big truck!! You can really experience the different scenery from the north to south. It started with bare trees and branches with chilly winds, and the more south we went the warmer and greener it became. We got to experience the different rest areas in each state, and I got to say that the ones on IL were the best!! It is warm and clean with coffee and snake machines. We arrived at College Station safe and sound without hitting any deer or getting any tickets. There were a lot of cops on our way down!! Maybe there were trying to make some money before Thanksgiving!!  It took us 22 hours and droved 11,842 miles to get from Waukegan to College Station. Poor Sam had to get up early the next day to go to class while I got sleep in and take a nap that Monday~~ Life is unfair!

Now all my stuff is stacked in the corner of Sam’s apartment, and I’m SLOWLY going though them. I’m sure it will take me a while before I put every thing away~

2005年11月2日 星期三

The Best Reward

I had a Client meeting yesterday on a Village Hall renovation project, and was really happy on one of their comments. We just did another renovation for the town next to it, and I designed the entry sign walls. This Client liked it a lot, and they didn't know that we did those walls at the next town, but when we told them, they said we did a good job over there, and they would like to have something similar at their Village complex entry. Originally they had the Architects designed the sign walls but they do not like what the Architects did.


I did most of the design for this Village complex, and after the meeting, my boss said I did a great job!!! I think it is the best reward to hear both your Client and your boss say that to you!

2005年10月27日 星期四

And the winner is.......

After 0:0 for so long,

I thought it's going to be another long night for the White Sox.

Finally they break the 0 on the 8th innings and White Sox had a 1 point lead!!

And 1 point is all they need!!!

White Sox the World Series Chanpion!!


2005年10月26日 星期三

Go White Sox!!!


Can't believe that Chicago White Sox won last night.....

I thought they will loose after being tied 5:5 with Houston Astros at the 8th inning.

I thought this is going to end soon, and of course it went on and on and on.....

Finally at the 11th inning, I just went to bed.

This morning I was very surprise to see that White Sox win!!!!

Of course it went on till the 14th inning and the whole game lasted 5 hours and 41 minutes,

and became the longest world series game in baseball history........

One more game to go!!

Go White Sox!!!

2005年10月19日 星期三

Little Theresa wants to go out and play....


外面天氣真好, 雖然氣溫有點低, 但是陽光很誘人說.....

葉子漸漸變色了, 紅的黃的真漂亮!!




2005年10月3日 星期一

Lincoln Zoo Park

Since Sam came to visit me this weekend (actually I think it is more like him visiting mom....), we decided to go to Lincoln Park Zoo because both of them have been to downtown. We have to take the subway from downtown to Lincoln Park because the free trolley doesn't run anymore.


It was quite a walk from the redline to the zoo!!! It looks much closer on the map. But because of our little detour, we accidentally found an OZ park!!! There's Tinman standing at the entrance, and Scarcrow and Lion in the park. I though it is very interesting.


After a very long 40min. walk, we finally got to the zoo. A lot of the cages are empty, I think it was because they were having a lot of trouble with the animals a few month ago. The largest exhibit was the monkeys. They are really funny looking. There are a lot of new borns too. That was kind of nice to see. Of course we have to go see the giraffe!!! Just love them!!!!


We took the bus back to Michigan Ave so that we don't have to walk all the way back to the subway. While we were walking along the Magnificent Mile, we accidently pass by Tiffany (I swear it was an accident...... ). We walked in the store to check out the price just for the heck of it. Oh my god they are expansive!!! A 0.41 Carat ring costs $2,500!! And it was this "cheap" because it wasn't the best quality. I knew that because I also tried on a 0.5 Carat ring, and that one was $5,200!!!! Poor Sam must almost had a heart attact when he saw those price......  There was a couple trying out a 2 Carat ring next to us. I wonder how much that ring costs....



2005年9月29日 星期四







有紅燒肉(帶肥的那種喔!!), 干貝絲瓜, 鮮魚湯, 高麗菜,

還有從 Eliza 那裡ㄎ一ㄤ 來的菲律賓口味雞腿和紫菜,




2005年9月27日 星期二


因為上班太無聊 (還好老闆看不懂中文......),




原來是藏在Control Panel ---> Regional and Language --->  Options Languages ---> Details下.




2005年9月18日 星期日

Lavonne's Wedding


September 17, 2005 was a very special day. It is the day Lavonne got married. It took me 6.5 hours to drive from Chicago to Cincinnati and another 6.5 hours back, but it was really worth it. I got to see Lavonne in a dress – which doesn’t happen very often, not to mention with full hair and makeup done. She looks stunning in her wedding dress!! She was a very beautiful and happy bride.

I had to wake up at 5:30am (4:30 central time…) that morning because I was going to help Lavonne with her hair and make up. Maybe it was because of the excitement, or maybe it was the coffee that I drank when I was driving, I practically didn’t have any sleep that night, and the pool party that took place at the hotel didn’t help either. The loud music didn’t stop until 2:00 am in the morning, and I can hear the music even on the fifth floor. We drove in the dark to the hotel Lavonne’s cousin Lee Ann (I hope I spelled it right…) was staying, and she did her hair there. After knowing that the very pregnant Lee Ann had to drive 18 hours to get here, I felt that the 6 hours drive for me was nothing.

We arrived at Ault Park at dusk. It was a very beautiful place. The Italian style pavilion is sitting on the top of a hill overlooking a formal lawn. When standing on the terrace, you can see hills of trees in the distance. While we helped Lavonne getting dressed, everyone else was helping to set up the place. Even the groom himself had to drive the rose bushes on site and put them into place. When I saw the rose bushes that Lavonne grew herself, I can’t believe that those were the sticks I saw a few months ago. Red and white buds were ready to open, if only they would bloom one week earlier. Man!! Getting married is really a lot of work!! So many details that need to be taken care of. Thank god there was Jess taking care of stuff. It was her that made this wedding ran so smoothly.

I was so glad to see the M&M girls; all of them look so cute in their dresses!! I missed Netty’s laughs and hugs, and I got to see Jen, too!! The ceremony was graceful and unique, with the sand and rose ceremony and releasing the balloon at the end. I was very touched by the ceremony, and almost break out with tears at the end. But it was Netty’s speech that made us all cry. I think it really touched our hearts, and it will stay with us for a very long time.

Even though it was a long day for me, I had a wonderful time. I am very happy for Lavonne, and I’m really glad that they found each other. Maybe all of you single people out there should try internet dating, too!! Maybe you will find your soul mate just like Lavonne did!!   


2005年9月13日 星期二

Hair Cut

I got a hair cut yesterday~~

I think the last time I cut my hair was one year ago when I was in Taiwan......

After getting trapped in my hair when I sleep,

I finally decided to get a hair cut.

It wasn't too bad,

but I still think the hair dressers in Taiwan are MUCH better~~

2005年9月11日 星期日


每個週末的早晨, 我都喜歡坐在餐桌前, 一邊喝著香醇的奶茶一邊看書. 每次讀到一個段落, 一抬頭就可以看見陽台落地窗外的大楓樹, 或隨風搖曳, 或靜靜佇立.

四季分明的芝加哥, 是觀察大自然變化最佳的地點. 而我窗外的這棵大楓樹, 就是提醒我換季的指標. 盛夏時滿樹的碧綠, 在秋天來臨便轉變成一樹金黃. 當第一場大雪降臨, 又將光禿的樹枝染上一層雪白. 當你開始厭倦一層不變的白色世界時, 春天便悄悄來到, 翠綠的新芽及花朵又佔滿了枝頭, 帶來無限生機.

2005年9月8日 星期四

Pai-Heng's Garden Opening~

This is my new place to share all my photos~~

I hope I can keep it up to speed!!